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Never Miss a Chore Again with this Calendar Organization Idea

It is really hard to keep up with all of our day to day tasks. Tasks such as cleaning, laundry, appointments, events, and our pets! This calendar organization idea solves these issues for me!

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No more missed chores-calendar organization like a pro!

I love my dry erase calendar for this!! To set myself up for success, I love to be able to check things off my list. This gives me that sense of accomplishment, that it was actually done. The feeling, I have when I get to cross of a chore, is so gratifying!

So each month, I have to redo and update my board, since it’s a month at a time. Yeah, that can get cumbersome. But, it is nice for me because, it gives me an idea of what, I need to prepare myself for the next month. This helps a lot, so nothing is missed!

So, at the beginning of each month, or should I say the end of each month, I redo and organize my calendar. I do this by erasing the outdated month, and I start by writing the month, and then proceed to fill in each day! I like to color code my calendar, so I know by the color what it is. So I use black for this part since it stands out nicely.

Next, I fill in my pet stuff. I use black for this as well. I write when they are due for any medications (like their monthly flea pill) and when their next bath is due! This way I can easily keep track! Check out how I bathe my dogs here!

I then fill in my kids stuff, like monthly milestones or drs appointments for example! My colors of choice for this, are blue for milestones and purple for appointments!

I like to fill in any events such as parties or birthdays as well! Then, I will also add any payments I need to budget for. Things like car registration, maintenance, expensive drs apts, etc. So, I make sure to be a little budget conscious for those fees.

I also like to, use a little asterisk * symbol on the days I like to clean the cat boxes and do laundry! My cats are pretty routine with their litter box use, so I can get away with cleaning them on Monday and Thursdays. For the laundry, I also NEED to do it frequently, so I do that on Wednesday and Saturday! So I use my marker to asterisk those dates.

Once, I have completed all my physical writing, I turn to my handy color coated magnets for my cleaning chores.

My Magnet Key Codes

  • Blue: Bathroom
  • Clear: Vacuum
  • Purple: Kitchen
  • Orange: Organize and Clean kids toys
  • Yellow: Wash kids bedding and Towels
  • Pink: Wash my bedding
  • Green: Dust and Clear Surface

I like to try and deep clean these areas, every other week. But, I still put the magnet typically every week though. I do this, so I keep myself accountable for the chore. Now you’re off to a great calendar organization start!

Daily Chore List Calendar Organization

  • Mondays, I do the litter box, vacuum, and wash the kids bedding and towels.
  • Tuesdays, I will organize and clean my kids toys-this is an every other week chore.
  • Wednesdays, I will wash my bedding, do the laundry (clothes), and this is done every week. I like to wash my bedding weekly because our dogs like to sleep on it during the day, so it gets dirty fast!
  • Thursdays, I do the litter box and vacuum. Yes, I do vacuum twice a week, this is because we live in a small place with 2 kids and 5 fur babies. So the floors get dirty quick! Plus, the small area makes it a quick task!
  • Fridays, this is bathroom day! I straighten it up, wipe off the surfaces weekly. I like to do a deep clean of the floors, toilet, and shower every other week. Trust me you will know what week is a deep clean versus a quick tidy.
  • Saturdays, this is another laundry day (just clothing)!
  • Sundays, I like to tidy my kitchen. This is when, I also dust and clear off surfaces that “stuff” has accumulated on during the week. I tend to do the same thing with my kitchen as my bathroom, where I tidy weekly, and then do a more deep clean every other week. I also, have all my pet’s bowls in the kitchen. So, I make sure to clean these weekly. They get dirty fast and are great vectors for harmful bacteria. 😝

Now you can Calendar Organize like a pro too!

So this is my list! This is how I am able to keep up with everything, I do! You can alter it, to make it work for your chores. Like adding yard work, gardening, or garage cleaning to your list. I love being organized and knowing exactly when something is coming up. I like to mentally prepare haha!

Don’t get me wrong though, there are days where I don’t complete the chore and put it off-or there are days I know we won’t be home, so I just adjust my schedule accordingly, to what works best for me!

I hope this helps you in achieving your cleaning goals, and allows you to stay on top of it, so you don’t have overwhelming feelings or doubt! This way of organizing, is a huge life saver for me!

Other people’s calendar organizing ideas!

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