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Realistic Baby Registry Needs

When I became pregnant I was overwhelmed with the amount of baby stuff that was out there. I ended up having way to much stuff that I didn’t really use. So, I wanted to make a list of things that I actually used a lot of.

Nursery Items

My big items are a definite need like the crib, changing table, bouncer, bumbo seat, etc. I didn’t have much need for a swing or a rocking chair. I had both and they were rarely used. Both my kids loved to sleep in their baby seat right next to the bed until I transitioned them over to the crib. I did breast feed and I hardly used the nursing pillows like the boppy, but it did come in handy for tummy time! I also highly recommend a humidifier and essential oil diffuser, they are life savers when your kids get sick.


Changing Table Dresser

Chair 2 in 1



Bumbo Seat





Baby bath

Baby Powder

Baby Towel


High Chair



Diaper Genie

Diaper Bag Necessities

It’s always good to have a nicely packed diaper bag. I used to carry so much in mine, then I realized I hardly used a lot of stuff in there besides my basics. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, burp cloth, toys, snacks, and pacifiers.

Diaper Bag

Diaper Backpack

Dirty Diaper Baggies


Burp Clothes


Butt Paste

Cooler Pouch

Snack Containers


My kids weren’t really into being swaddled. But my son loved these blankets as he got older and could hold onto them while he slept. My kids grew so fast, I hated to buy clothes. But, I did laundry quite often, so I just needed a few different types. From onesies to jammies. I also, didn’t buy a whole lot of newborn stuff until after my baby was born. Toys are another thing, they loved the bright colorful toys that made noise or aided in their development in some way.

Crib Bedding Set

Swaddle Blankets

Unisex Onesies

Unisex Jammies

Unisex Pants

Teething Toy

Walker Toy

Educational Toy

Sensory Toy

Play Mat

On the Go Items

These items are important and are must haves!! You won’t go wrong with getting a good car seat and stroller combination.

Car Seat


Car Seat Stroller Combo Set

Car mirror

It’s so important to have a list of baby supplies! Start your baby registry ASAP!

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