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Nail Biting [how to stop]

I have not personally had issues with nail biting. I occasionally, catch myself biting the dry skin, around my nails. But, my husband on the other hand is quite the vampire, 🧛‍♂️ when, it comes to nail biting! I know, a lot of people out there have this issue, so I wanted to shed some light, on it, for those who need it!

Break the nail biting habit!

Nail biting is a habit, like any habit, it can eventually be broken with a little bit of self control, and consistency. This is also, a common issue among children, as well. These habits can be so bad, that they become obsessive-compulsive disorders. These are behavioral and emotional disorders that can hopefully, be stopped. 🛑

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Effects of Nail Biting

-Hands can become an infection vector, by subjecting yourself to harmful bacteria

-Broken skin on the cuticle-making them susceptible to infections

-Can be associated with oral problems such as gingival injury and malocclusions of the jaw

Common Solutions

The most common treatment, which is cheap, and widely available, is to apply a clean, bitter tasting, nail polish. Getting your nails done, and trimming them short, can also help. Try to apply tape or stickers, bandaids, to cover your nails. Wearing gloves as much as possible, is also a good option-especially in the winter.

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Try to replace the nail biting habit, with a good habit. When you feel like biting your nails, try playing with a stress ball, putty, or fidget spinner. This may help keep your hands busy, and away from your mouth.

You can also try to identify your triggers for nail biting. They could be physical triggers, like loose skin or hang nails. They could be from boredom, stress, or anxiety, related triggers. By taking the steps to figure out, what is causing the nail biting, you can take the steps to avoid putting yourself in a situation, where you are triggered to bite.

Try to gradually stop biting your nails. Do this by focusing on stopping each nail at a time. For example, stop biting one set of nails, such as your thumb nails first. Once, you’ve done this then move onto your ring finger nails, and so on.

In more severe cases, you can use a dental deterrent device to prevent the front teeth from damaging the nails and surrounding cuticles.

I hope you can use this information, to better yourself, and stop biting your nails, because it can lead to harmful side effects. Check out these products, that can be helpful for you, to break this habit!

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