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Inexpensive Transportation Art For Your Kids Room

My family is big into the outdoors, going to the desert, and camping. This is why I loved the idea of the transportation kids art for my sons room. I am keeping my jungle theme nursery for my next baby! My son however, when he gets his own room someday will be full of things that go! I wanted to share a couple pieces of decor that I made for his room!

Incorporating Their Name

I really liked the idea of using the letter of his name to make a fun themed road to hang up! So, I bought the letter at my local Micheal’s store and painted it gray with acrylic paint. Then, I again used pencil and a stencil to outline the road and then painted over it. Once, I was satisfied with the placement. I found the little cars at a baby resale place for 50 cents and hot glued them to the board! This is a great transportation kids art idea, it ties in great to the theme, is easy, and inexpensive!

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Give it a TRY! Great for gifts & kids learning too!

Incorporating his Footprint!

This one was fun to do and a little hard at the same time, because I had to work with a wiggling 3 month old that was very ticklish on his feet! So, I used a wood board from Home Depot about 24in by 16in and painted it with acrylic. Then, I used pencil to outline my road first and then painted my sons feet and placed them on the board. I did all of the foot prints one after the other so that while my son napped I could finish the rest of the details!

Helpful tip: Don’t apply too much pressure to the foot as it will slip and smear the paint. Use a quick tap of the foot for best results.

Name on the Door is a Must!

Having his name on his door ties in the whole theme, so nicely! So I used white construction paper and used a pencil to design the letters of his name to fit with the transportation theme. I used a marker to outline the pencil and then I used an eraser to get rid of any left over pencil lines. Once, that was done I filled it in with colored pencil and laminated the finished product! Don’t forget the lamination paper!

All in all, this was a great way to make inexpensive transportation kids art for my kids room! It all cost me about $20! So that is what I call a mom win! This was also pretty simple to create and only took a few days for all these great transportation art pieces!

Here’s another inexpensive art idea!

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