The Beasts Behind the Design!

One of the many things, I enjoy doing is spending time at the Safari Park, and Zoo. This is where my design idea started! My kids love to go and watch the animals!

We are lucky enough, to be able to afford, annual passes. So, we tend to use them quite frequently! This makes it so nice with the little ones because, we usually aren’t able to spend the whole day here. My 2 year old, usually needs his nap, so I love to take him early in the morning, let him run, play, get his energy out. This way he just falls alseep on the drive home.

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While there, we can also focus on certain areas of the parks. This makes it nice, to not have to stress to get through the whole park in one day, or in our case a few hours. This is great, for when my son, wants to stay in a certain area for a little while.

The beasts behind the design

I have always had a fascination with animals, especially large cats. These beautiful beasts are usually asleep when we go. But, on the rare occasion, they are out and awake, I love to snap pictures of them. I thought that this would be a great idea to put onto a shirt. This way other people who, share the love of these animals, like I do, can show that side of them, through their clothes. Being able to show off, your personal style, interests, and personality through your clothing, is really unique.

They are just so beautiful!

There is so much, knowledge to be gained, through observing animals. I feel as though, we have much we can learn from them. I love being able to share my passion, and love, for these animals with my children. I feel truely grateful, and blessed to be in a position to do that, and also, get to learn about them for myself, as well.

It can be sometimes difficult, to be able to enjoy these fun field trips with your kids, especially if you don’t have the right equipment! Here are some products, that I find extremely helpful, in having a successful day at the zoo or safari park!

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