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Lose Fat [Simple Weight Loss Plan]

Man! It is tough nowadays, to achieve your weight loss goals, feel good, be healthy, and lose fat. There is so much temptation everywhere you turn. Ask yourself. Is the mouth pleasure worth the side effects?

What if I told you that I found a balance between mouth pleasure and weight loss?

Being a busy mom, the last thing on my mind was taking care of my diet and weight loss needs. I was so busy dealing with everything else, that I didn’t stop to think about it. I was just in my cycle of eating what I wanted, when I had time. Trying to make health conscious decisions. But if it wasn’t the most convenient thing to make at the time, then I wasn’t choosing that option.

I am all about conveniency when it comes to diet. I have tried lots of different tactics out there, but nothing ever seemed to work for me long term. But, I would fall off the wagon after a few weeks of a new diet, going back into my old routines and habits.

Now What? How would I ever lose fat?

So, I looked at it from a different approach and thought to myself. “What do all these diets have in common?” Well, they were diets, they were fads, they weren’t easy to stick to, and sometimes unrealistic with children. How I am supposed to be at a kid’s party and not indulge in the tasty treats?

I would fail time and time again and give into the bad, feel good in the moment, and convenient food options. This left me feeling tired, unmotivated, and to be frank, fat. I just wasn’t able to lose fat.

The foods I was using to fuel my body, were not doing me justice. That’s when I really put this plan of mine into motion. I wasn’t having success sticking with the diets, counting calories, or percentages. It was all just too much for me and I would quit after a few weeks.

Yes, I was seeing results and getting ideas of what certain foods caused which side effects. But again if it wasn’t convenient, then I wasn’t doing it long term. So, I took the approach of fueling my body with what it needed. I found the balance between conveniency and healthy.

A combination of these diets worked for me. One that allowed me the freedom to mess up and eat out occasionally, and that still kept me on track. So, I didn’t just change my diet, but my lifestyle as a whole.

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Weight Loss, Keto, & Fasting

My husband is big into research and trying new things. I naturally would try all of these new things with him. So I tried eating a low carb diet, tried doing the Keto diet, and I even tried fasting. All these diets really worked for me, but I was still having a hard time sticking to them.

We found this channel on YouTube very helpful in explaining what we needed to hear. It’s called What Ive Learned.

The videos are really great. I enjoyed learning about these ones in particular.

How to quit sugar and unhealthy habits.

I have always struggled with eating sugar and now I know why. It’s like a drug to my brain, making me crave it over and over again.

Is Ketosis Dangerous? (Science of Fasting & Low Carb Keto)

It’s very interesting and what he says, makes a ton of sense. You can burn your stored fat as energy when using the right fasting and eating techniques! Who knew!? That sounds way better to me than running on a treadmill for a few hours each day.

Here’s what I did to lose fat!

During the week, my schedule is pretty steady with my kids and my work. Because of this I wait until 2pm to eat. This saves me time, not worrying about what to eat for breakfast and lunch. I usually eat a snack, or make a fat/protein shake around 2.

Now you’re probably thinking. How does that work? Really 2pm everyday? Okay, well not every day. Sometimes I would eat at 11am, or 1pm, or 3pm. It really depended on the day I was having, what I was doing, and if I had carbs the day before.

Then, when dinnertime rolled around I ate a low carb dinner. The time varied between 6-7pm. Now, if I cheated and ate some carbs or sugar, then I might fast longer the next day, or only eat that one thing during that day. For example, if I am on a carb day and starving around 3pm, and I haven’t eaten yet, then I will use that 3pm cheat carb meal as my dinner that day. Meaning I wouldn’t eat anything else that day.

I found that it was easier to fast during the day when I stayed rigid and ate low carb and cut out sugar. But, it wasn’t always ideal for me, because I would eat out on the weekends, at parties, or as a treat.

So, I decided to have “cheat days” where I would eat carbs. I would change it up to every two days, three days, or four days. It was a nice balance. I was still losing weight and staying motivated with my new lifestyle.

Weight loss
Getting closer by the day to my weight loss goal!

I could really see on the few days where I ate carbs, how my body would be affected. Because, I would have hunger spikes, mood swings, and cravings. But, it worked for me to eat carbs every few days and get those cravings met. The fasting really helped me too. I wasn’t worried about trying to scramble and make breakfast or lunch. On the weekends, I would sometimes eat at 11am. I tried to stick to a four hour eating window most of the week and gave myself a little break on the weekends.

As long as I stayed eating low carb options the majority of the week and coupling that with intermittent fasting, I was still seeing the benefits. I was still able to lose fat, have more energy, and clear up my skin. This lifestyle was doing me wonders.

I loved the freedom, I felt, I still had. I was still able to eat healthy and feel healthy! It’s the perfect balance for my lifestyle. I can also choose to workout or not. I was still losing the weight with my lifestyle change alone.

For a comprehensive look at my eating and meal schedule. Check it out in my resource library!

I mention drinking my shake a lot in my month of meals calendar. So you should def check out my post on that recipe! Find it here!

Keep track of your own menu, with this great tool! Maybe just cross off the breakfast and put workouts. 😉

Check it out!

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